Hey, we’re Dani & Codie,

UK based mums, bloggers & heart-centred business owners. 

We guide mums to follow their purpose & create powerful, heart-centered businesses.

Welcome to our inclusive community for stay-at-home mums who have – or are setting up – businesses that fill their souls with joy!

We are so honoured & excited to have you here with us & we can’t wait to see what incredible businesses you create!

Because running a business at home with your children looks nothing like this

If you were to walk into either of our houses on any
given day, we can guarantee that you would not be greeted by an scene like this!

We’re more likely to be dressed in pjs, sporting (genuinely) messy buns, stepping on Lego, swearing under our breath, drinking cold coffee & sending weird voice messages to each other from the bath…complete with foam animals!

The truth is that running a business & looking after our little ones is a constant juggle – it’s not always easy BUT it is always worth it.

We get to spend time with our families.
We get to work with clients who light us up.
We get to set our own work schedules.
We get to earn more money than we did in our 9-5s.
We get to run soul-aligned businesses that WE CREATED!

Now it’s your turn…

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We welcome anyone who identifies as a Mum, including birth, adoptive, foster and step mums, as well as trans and nonbinary people that are mothers. If you’re a Mum who’s juggling (or about to start juggling) a business and childcare…we’re here for you!

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Meet the mamas who run this show

Hey, I’m Dani!

Mum to Ella, VA, Multi-Passionate Business Owner, Blogger, Dog Mama, Coffee Addict, Afternoon Bath Taker

Hi, I’m Codie!

Mum to Ruben & Indie, Freelance Writer, VA, Blogger, Cat Lady, Queen of Multi-Tasking

Do you dream of working from home? Of starting a business that lights you up?

Then you’re in the right place!

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From discovering your true passion & drawing up your first business plan, to scaling your business & hiring a team, we’re here to support you…all with an added sprinkle of  manifestation & magic. 

Oh, & we offer no B.S commentary on the challenges of running a business whilst trying to keep our little people alive!

Let’s dive right in…

There’s no time like the present, where would you like to begin?

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