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Is it your dream to make money blogging?

As a blogger, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of courses out there that offer to help you make money.

It seems as though there are courses available on every single little part of blogging and online entrepreneurship. Some of them claim to be able to make you six figures in a matter of months. Others claim to make you a pro at marketing overnight. Some are free and others cost $1,000+.

So, how do you know which courses are for you? How do you justify spending money on some courses when others are free? Are you learning from “the best” in that area?

I’ll start off by saying that nothing is “free”. I know I sound cynical but it’s true. Almost every free course out there is part of a sales funnel to entice you into buying a premium product or service. There’s nothing wrong with that at all (it’s something most bloggers and business owners do) but it is worth bearing in mind.

The best way to ascertain whether a course is right “good” and worth the money is to ask people who have already taken the course. For every course that I have purchased (outside of the Ultimate Bundles packages), I have carried out research and asked for feedback from other people. Either in Facebook Groups, on Twitter, or just people I know who have completed the course.

There are a few courses that I have invested in over the years that have really helped me reach the next step in my blogging journey and allowed me to transition into being self-employed. So I decided that I would write a post with the best 5 courses to help you earn money from your blog. It is these five courses that I would thoroughly recommend to others, especially if you’re trying to monetise your blog.

5 Courses You Need to Make Money Blogging

Overview of the Course

This course was always going to feature first on this list!

Blogging Babe to Business Boss covers everything a blogger needs to set up their site, grow their traffic, build a tribe and make money. From choosing a profitable niche at the outset to growing an email list and monetizing your blog, this course gives you a step-by-step guide to building your online empire from the ground.

With this course, you’ll be fully equipped to start your own blog from scratch and generate income through multiple revenue streams. All from the comfort of your own home, doing something you love.

Each lesson has actionable steps and tasks for you to follow plus, you get access to an exclusive Facebook Group offering additional support.

What’s Included

The curriculum for this course is huge!

There are 10 modules with over 60 lessons. The 10 modules cover the following areas of creating a profitable blog:

  1. Building the Foundations
  2. Creating Your Brand
  3. How to Get Your Blog Up and Running
  4. WordPress Basics and Designing Your Blog
  5. Creating Quality Content
  6. SEO
  7. Your Social Media Presence
  8. Increasing Your Blog Traffic
  9. Building an Email List
  10. Monetising Your Blog

Price – $97

From Zero to Superhero Affiliate Marketing Bundle – The She Approach

5 Courses You Need to Make Money Blogging

Overview of the Course

Whether you’re brand new to affiliate marketing or you just need a boost, this course covers the perfect strategy for making money through affiliate marketing.

From teaching you basic strategies to helping you make affiliate sales in your sleep (literally!), this training bundle is an invaluable resource for bloggers wanting to grow their income. The Zero to Superhero affiliate marketing bundle us a collection of resources and tutorials that you can use to create an amazing affiliate marketing strategy that really works! Since taking this course, affiliate marketing has become my number one source of income from Flourishing Freelancer.

One of the things that I love the most about this bundle is the case studies; they really show you how to put the information into practice and highlight the kind of results you can achieve with an excellent affiliate marketing strategy in place.

What’s Included

  • “The She Approach to Making Your First Affiliate Sale” – eBook
  • The Affiliate Programs Masterlist
  • A library of short video tutorials
  • Affiliate marketing case studies
  • Private Facebook Community

Price – $57 

Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic – Twins Mommy

5 Courses You Need to Make Money Blogging

Overview of the Course

I love Elna Cain from Twins Mommy and have always had her blog bookmarked for her latest tips. So, when I saw that she had a course, I knew that it would be amazing. And I wasn’t wrong. This course came at the right time for me. I’d read a lot of posts online about how to boost my traffic and, after implementing those strategies I had seen an increase in my daily pageviews. What I also noticed was that my bounce rate was insanely high and hardly any of my viewers were converting into subscribers, let alone customers!

One of the biggest lessons that I took from this course was the fact that I didn’t just need “traffic”, I needed the right kinds of traffic. I found that I was wasting time promoting myself in the wrong places and driving the wrong kinds of traffic to my site. Once I realised this mistake and started driving the right kind of traffic – the kind that engages and buys – I saw a huge difference in the amount of income I was making.

What’s Included

  • Three Modules – 15+ video lessons, 5+ text-based lessons
  • Video tech training
  • 204+ Pinterest Group Boards in 17 niches
  • Ready-to-use templates and swipe copy
  • Guest blogging guide

Price – $45

Uncork Your Dork Membership

5 Courses You Need to Make Money Blogging

Overview of the Course

Okay, so technically speaking, this isn’t a course, it’s a membership site BUT it had to go on this list.

The membership area is jam-packed full of useful training. The content is split into three phases:

  • Your Foundation
  • Grow and Grind
  • Show Me The Money

I’ll put my hands up and say that I’m actually still working my way through the content BUT it’s been invaluable so far.

What’s Included

  • 25 full traffic training courses with videos and downloads
  • Monthly live events
  • Replays of all past live events and webinars
  • Replays of UCYD summits
  • A library of workbooks, worksheets and eBooks not found on the blog

Price – $39 per month

Pageviews from Pinterest – Blog Beautifully

5 Courses You Need to Make Money Blogging

Overview of the Course

This 7-step system from Krista Dickson is the reason that my Pinterest account generates over 300,000 impressions each month!

5 Courses You Need to Make Money Blogging

Not only have the impressions, views and repins on Pinterest itself improved but so has my blog traffic. In fact, the pageviews I received as a direct result from Pinterest has tripled!

The course is split out into 8 super-easy-to-follow modules. As well as how to grow your traffic from Pinterest, this course also includes advanced strategies that help you to grow your email list, create sales funnels and make affiliate sales, all with Pinterest!

What’s Included

  • 8 step-by-step modules
  • Ebooks, video tutorials and checklists
  • Bonus workbook on discovering your blog’s profitable niche
  • Bonus branding eBook
  • 3,000 free pins on BoardBooster
  • Bonus video tutorial on BoardBooster tribes

Price – $197

Making the Most of Blogging Courses

So now that you know which courses I recommend taking, here are my top tips for making the most of them:

  • Don’t enrol in too many courses at the same time – you want to be able to dedicate time to learning which you can’t do if you’re enroled in hundreds of courses at the same time! It’s also easy to become overwhelmed if you have lots of courses waiting to be started.
  • Even if you’re enroled in a couple of courses at the same time, make sure you only work on one at a time to allow yourself to fully absorb the information.
  • Make time to study – block out dedicated study time so that you can fully focus on learning as much as possible from the course. Make sure that your study time is free from any distractions.
  • Find your own learning style – we all learn in different ways. Some people take handwritten notes, others like to type notes. Some people don’t do notes at all! Do whatever works best for you.
  • Take time to implement the strategies you learn – one thing you need to remember is that no matter how good the courses are, you won’t see any results unless you put the work in.