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We guide mums to follow their purpose & create powerful, soul-aligned businesses.

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The FBM Story (so far)

Dani started blogging
Codie started blogging
Dani started offering VA Services
Codie started Freelance writing
Codie took her Freelance Writing full-time
Dani started Flourishing Freelancer
Dani took her VA biz full-time
Ruben was Born
Ella was Born
Dani retired her partner from his 9-5
Codie joined & FF became FBM
The story continues...

Who is Dani?

Blogger, VA, Multi-Passionate Business Owner, Mum & Caffeine Addict.

With over 10 years experience of running blogs & online businesses, I know what goes on behind the scenes. I understand the sheer amount of work & passion that goes into every single thing you put out there online. I also understand the pressure, the stress & the burn out!

I have a background in law & once-upon-a-time I was a solicitor. I hated the corporate world – it had a huge negative impact on my mental health. The worse my depression & anxiety got, the more I knew that I needed to break free & create a life for myself that made me happy.

I’ve transitioned from starting a blog with no clue about what I was doing to owning multiple online businesses & making a full-time income from home. I’ve continued to grow & scale my businesses to the point where, in 2019, my partner Mark was able to quit his job & become a stay-at-home-dad.

Now I want to help other mums do the same. I don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes. I believe in growing your own business from scratch in a steady & authentic way that creates stability for you & your family (that means no network marketing/MLMs!)

A few random facts about me: Human mum to Ella, dog mama to Sherlock, I once ran a marathon, I also once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, I’m really messy, I love coffee (too much), I used to hate olives but I forced myself to eat them until I liked them & I have 9 tattoos.

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We welcome anyone who identifies as a Mum, including birth, adoptive, foster and step mums, as well as trans and nonbinary people that are mothers. If you’re a Mum who’s juggling (or about to start juggling) a business and childcare…we’re here for you!

Who is Codie?

Hi, I’m Codie, and despite having several years of freelance writing experience, I absolutely hate writing bios for myself! I’ve written about everything from bitcoin to babies, safaris to social media, and even an entire site about the very obscure machine that prints on crisp packets… whatever pays the bills, eh?

I have been building up my writing business for around 7 years, and have done every combination possible – running a business while studying, in-between a full-time job, as my full-time job, and, most recently (and most challengingly!) as a full-time Mum. My little Roo was born in December 2018, and 6 weeks in he started to sleep through the night, so I would crack out my laptop (sleep when the baby sleeps? HA! Hustle while he snuggles more like!) and feel like the queen of multitasking.

Fast forward a few months, a sleep regression hit and we’ve accidentally become co-sleeping zombies. The juggle struggle is real and I’m so passionate about being there for other Mums, to approach the whole thing with determination and good humour, and offer some ‘fuck yeah, you’ve got this’ empowerment, with baby sick on my shirt and a scraggly Mum bun.

In my free time (Lol!) I’m a lifestyle and parenting blogger, sharing the awkward, embarrassing bits of life that you only chat to your friends about after a few glasses of wine. Unlike Dani, climbing a mountain is my idea of a nightmare, but I have been known to show my mountain of laundry on social media like an Anti-Mrs Hinch. Drinking a cold glass of rose in the bath with a good murdery book is my idea of heaven.

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